Friday, June 30, 2006

MP3: Decry

There's a show coming up that I'm very excited about:

I previously posted a new Verbal Abuse track - Taking Back What's Mine. And I posted some America's Dirty Thirties tracks a while back.

While both those bands are fun in their own right, I'm very excited and somewhat apprehensive, about the return of Decry. Apprehensive because I've seen so many great bands have shitty reunions. Excited because it's fucking Decry, one of my favorite So Cal bands from the 80s. But, by all accounts, Decry rip it up on stage.

There's a detailed biography (as part of the "Japanese" album review) here. It even mentions Decry's connection to Junkyard.

Decry - Falling
Decry - My Bloody Dreams
Decry - Suburban Death Camp

and, for the hell of it:

Decry - Sonic Reducer


Monday, June 26, 2006

MP3: Bad News

Bad News Tour (with it's sequel - More Bad News) is the best movie ever. Take 3/4 Young Ones and make a Spinal Tap type movie and you get Bad News. Insanely Hilarious.

Here's a clip from youtube:

This VHS only release is out of print, but you can buy it through Amazon or try your luck on eBay.

The soundtrack to this great movie (and several of the records that followed) have been re-released (the CD may be out of print as well, I'm not sure) and can easily be found thorugh Amazon (a detailed discography can be found here).

Here are 4 tracks from the CD. Enjoy:

Bad News - Bad Dreams
Bad News - Excalibur
Bad News - Pretty Woman
Bad News - Warriors Of Ghengis Khan

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

website now updated every FRIDAY

...instead of a "whenever I feel like it."

new MP3s every FRIDAY.

Monday, June 19, 2006

MP3: The Dicks!!

DeltaPop Records released some old Dicks recordings:

Hog 7" - contains two outtakes from the Hate The Police 7" - Hogs Run Wild (later re-recorded for the Kill From The Heart LP) and an alternate version of Hate The Police.

Ten Inches 10" - contains a Dicks' live show from The Armadillo from 1980.

You can purchase both here.

In addition to both of those, you should also have the Alternative Tentacles' Dicks - 1980-1986 CD.

The MP3s below are from the 1980-1986 CD. And since the MP3s are direct links from the Alternative Tentacles website (hope that's not a problem), you still get to enjoy the MP3s from my previous post.

Dicks - Hate The Police
Dicks - Rich Daddy
Dicks - No Fuckin' War
Dicks - George Jackson


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

MP3: ...Feel the awesome power of Arnocorps around you!!!

Arnocorps, from Austria are, simply, the greatest band of all time. The end.

Their CD can (and should!) be purchased here.

I've seen (played with and partied with) this band on many occasions and have never been disappointed. Everyone who I have exposed to Arnocorps became a fan.

Arnocorps - Collateral Damage
Arnocorps - Last Action Hero
Arnocorps - Raw Deal
Arnocorps - Terminator

Here's a video montage:


Friday, June 09, 2006

MP3: Annihilation Time

Annihiliation Time are playing in the Bay Area this weekend (and next weekend, and the weekend after):

Jun 10 Haz-Mat Warehouse, Oakland a/a $7 7pm/8pm
Jun 11 Golden Bull, Oakland 21+ $5 6pm/7pm
Jun 18 924 Gilman Street a/a $6 5pm
Jun 23 Annie's Social Club, S.F. 21+ $7 9pm/10pm

Killer hardcore (very reminiscent of My War era Black Flag and BL'AST!) from Southern California, originally. They have two full lengths out on Manic Ride Records.

The MP3s are from their first (self titled LP) on Manic Ride Records.

Annihilation Time - 1962
Annihilation Time - Annihilate
Annihilation Time - Down The Street
Annihilation Time - Razor

I'll see you on Sunday at the Bull at on the 23rd at Annie's.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

new reviews!!

New reviews:

Lockjaw - Skinned Alive
Lie - Discography
Lizards - Spazzmatic
Jesus Skins - Unser Kreuz Braucht Keine Haken
Horny Mormons - Discography


Monday, June 05, 2006

MP3: Mukeka Di Rato (more Brazilian goodness)

Mukeka Di Rato sent me their CD to review in 1997 or 1998 (their first full length). Loved it. Loved their second CD and their third. And the brand new split 7" that just came out on 625 Thrash. Here's a comic from the insert from the new split 7"

The CDs were on Laja Records and Sound Pollution

These songs are from their first CD - Pasqualin Na Terra Do Xupa-Cabra:

Mukeka Di Rato - E Mal!!!
Mukeka Di Rato - New Wave Indio
Mukeka Di Rato - Quir Irl? Vai!
Mukeka Di Rato - Rotulo


Friday, June 02, 2006

MP3: D.F.C. Brazilian hardcore

D.F.C. are one of my favorite new hardcore bands out of Brazil (along with Gritos De Alerta, Sick Terror and Mukeka Di Rato and I'm sure many others that I dont know yet...)

These songs are from their Igreja Quadrangular Do Triangulo Redondo CD:

D.F.C. - Censura
D.F.C. - Eu Nao Preciso Do Sistema
D.F.C. - Lucro E O Fim
D.F.C. - Possuido Pelo Cao

You can buy DFC stuff here

Here's more Brazilian hardcore goodness:

Laja Records (home of Mukeka Di Rato)
Terrotten Records (home of Gritos De Alerta and Sick Terror)

And I did some reviews:

DFC - Igreja Quadrangual Do Traingulo Redondo
Funeral - Have You Seen My Leather Jacket
Gay Cowboys In Bondage - The Completely Silly Discography
Government Issue - Complete Discography Volume One
Head Hits Concrete - Thy Kingdom Come Undone
Heart Attack - The Last War 1980-84