Tuesday, November 28, 2006

MP3: Shitkickers

I'm feeling lazy post-thanksgiving and, also, my MP3s got deleted off this PC, so I grabbed the first CD out of my car, and you get to hear the Shitkickers from San Jose.

Country-punk. Quite good.

The songs, below, are off their third CD - Noon's Moonlight - and you can buy it here.

Shitkickers - Bloody Mary
Shitkickers - I Need A Bottle
Shitkickers - Pacifico Clara
Shitkickers - Whiskey Haze


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

RIP: Mike Webber (Nip Drivers)


There's a Nip Drivers page here (via myspace) and here.

These songs are from the Pretty Face 7"

Nip Drivers - Pastimes
Nip Drivers - Pretty Face
Nip Drivers - Never Was
Nip Drivers - Under My Thumb

This was Mike Webber's last band - Marc Spitz Freestyle.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

MP3: Citizen Fish

This is kinda late because Citizen Fish played here last Thursday, but they're still on tour

Nov 7 2006 8:00P Multikulti (Mexico) Tijuana
Nov 8 2006 4:30P The Heartland Masonic Lodge (Early Show!) El Cajon, CA
Nov 9 2006 8:00P The Showcase Corona, CA
Nov 11 2006 8:00P Tucson* Tucson, AZ

all shows are with Leftover Crack because the two bands released a split 7" on FAT and will release a split CD (also on FAT) sometime in 2007.

Here's a video of Dividing Lines off of Oriental Transistor video comp, I believe

I'll skip the Subhumans/Citizen Fish history, but here's the Bluurg Records website . In the US Bluurg was distributed by Lookout then FAT and Honest Don's.

I meant to rip the 7", but forgot, so here are 4 songs are from the Life Size CD/LP.

Citizen Fish - Bitter And Twisted
Citizen Fish - Deep Neurotic
Citizen Fish - Digging A Hole
Citizen Fish - Pills


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

MP3: EL DOPA (1332)

Once an east bay powerhouse (former members of Grimple and Econochrist and future members of Watch Them Die, Kalas, One In The Chamber and I Love A Parade), El Dopa broke up in 1998, but have reunited for a limited number of shows in the Bay Area around New Year's: December 30th at Gilman and January 6th at Annie's in San Francisco.

All this, of course, coincides with the Discography CD release on Tee Pee Records. Pick up a copy.

Some pictures of El Dopa, courtesy of Sam Atakra can be found here.

Four tracks from their 1332 LP on, now defunct, East Bay Menace Records:

El Dopa - 1332
El Dopa - Slave
El Dopa - Headache
El Dopa - Wrong End

Enjoy 'em. Buy the CD. Go see the band live.