Thursday, April 27, 2006

[MP3] Sick Pleasure + new reviews

Probably my favorite band to come out of San Francisco. Sick Pleasure was only around for two years and never released anything while the band was still around (although material was recorded). A split LP with Code Of Honor (who were Sick Pleasure minus Nicki Sicki) and a 7" came out after Nicki moved back to Texas (and subsequently started Verbal Abuse).

Nicki Sicki - vocals - was also in Humungous and the first incarnation of Verbal Abuse - the one that released American Band (both bands have CDs out on Beer City Records).
Mike Fox - guitar - started Code Of Honor after Sick Pleasure broke up. Not sure what other bands he's been in. Everything COH recorded has been re-relased on CD by Subterranean Records. Mike also helped start Subterranean records back in 1979, was it?
Dave Chavez - bass - was in X-Iles before Sick Pleasure then in Code Of Honor, Verbal Abuse, Ding Dang and a whole slew of Bay Area bands.
Sal Paradise - drums - was in Code Of Honor after Sick Pleasure and was later deported to England. Or so Nicki tells me.

There's also talk of re-releasing all Sick Pleasure material on vinyl.

Sick Pleasure - Burn My Parents
Sick Pleasure - Disintegration
Sick Pleasure - Love Song
Sick Pleasure - Speed Rules OK


I also FINALLY did some reviews:

Accion Mutante - Complete Discography
Altercado - Cancion A Los Poderes
Americas Dirty Thirtys - Movement For Tomorrow
Armagedom - Das Cinzas Ao Inferno
Arnocorps - The Greatest Band Of All Time
Bathtub Shitter - Lifetime Shitlist
Beerlords - S/T Demo
Beyond Description - A Road To A Briliant Future
Buzzy Yamato Cho Band - Absolutely No Speck Of Romance
Capitol Punishment - First Lineup
Cheifs - Holly West Crisis
Code Of Honor - Complete Studio Recordings 1982-1984
Conga Fury - Chaotic Noise
Counterblast - Impassivity
Logical Nonsense - Soul Pollution
Various Artists - Acao Direto Tributo

Monday, April 24, 2006

[MP3] Special Forces - Berkeley Hardcore

One of my favorite east bay hardcore bands (and one of the more underrated ones - probably due to the fact that most of their stuff remains unreleased and out of print) is Special Forces. During their lifetime the band released two LPs and two 7"s (as well as several songs on several comps).

Orlando (vocals) sang with United Blood and Intrepid AAF after Special Forces. Bill Collins did time in Fang, MDC, Baltimore Footstompers and I'm sure some other bands I'm forgetting. He's playing in The Swaggerts now, as well as doing solo stuff. More on Bill here:


Special Forces - Berkeley Hardcore
Special Forces - Blitzkrieg Bop
Special Forces - Make The Leaders Fight
Special Forces - Special Forces

new Verbal Abuse demo track

new Verbal Abuse demo track (unmixed):

My Disease

Nicki Sicki - vocals (original VA singer)
Dave Chavez - bass (played in Sick Pleasure, Code Of Honor, VA and many more)
Andy Shuman - guitar (played in VA "Red White & Violent" era)
Geza - drums (of Exodus)

Verbal Abuse are looking for a label to release their new full length. If you can help, get in touch with them through their myspace website -


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

back from Indonesia

Indonesian punk scene is a lot like the 1982 US Punk scene. Every big city has a tonn of bands. All shows had at least 6 bands (one had 21). Everyone's awesome and friendly. Cant wait to come back.

Look for my writeup in, hopefully, MRR, in a few months...

One band that we spent a lot of time with was Suicidal Sinatra (brilliant name) - a psychobilly band from just outside of Kuta, Bali with the best stand up bass player I've ever seen. Ever. They dont have a website, yet, but you can get more info at ELECTROHELL.

Suicidal Sinatra - Going Out With You
Suicidal Sinatra - Kentang
Suicidal Sinatra - No Money No Honey
Suicidal Sinatra - White Shoes