Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Chumbawamaba - Revolution 7"

One of my favorite records, and this one took me FOREVER to find on vinyl. Not sure how many copies were pressed or what, but this thing never shows up, even on eBay. I found more copies of the banned Jesus H. Christ 12" than this 7".

I stole the scan from - loads more scans of the 7" there. And, of course, the official Chumba page is

Natural Response

Download here.


Friday, June 01, 2007


I've been listening to a lot of Polish punk lately and this band is one of my favorites. There's the official page (in Polish) here and a KFTH page here. I don't speak Polish, so KFTH page it is, for me.

I uploaded 4 tracks from the Legenda LP (recorded in 1990).

1. Kojhaj Mnie
2. Przeblysk 5
3. Gdzie ja tam bedziesz ty
4. Opowiesc zimowa widzialem

5. To moja Zemsta
6. Legenda
7. Nie ja
8. 3 Bajki
9. To czego nigdy nie
10. Dia kazdej samotnej godziny

Download here.

Armia is still around and playing gigs. In Poland. Not sure when this was recored (Armia doing "Legenda"). Probably in the 90s: