Monday, June 19, 2006

MP3: The Dicks!!

DeltaPop Records released some old Dicks recordings:

Hog 7" - contains two outtakes from the Hate The Police 7" - Hogs Run Wild (later re-recorded for the Kill From The Heart LP) and an alternate version of Hate The Police.

Ten Inches 10" - contains a Dicks' live show from The Armadillo from 1980.

You can purchase both here.

In addition to both of those, you should also have the Alternative Tentacles' Dicks - 1980-1986 CD.

The MP3s below are from the 1980-1986 CD. And since the MP3s are direct links from the Alternative Tentacles website (hope that's not a problem), you still get to enjoy the MP3s from my previous post.

Dicks - Hate The Police
Dicks - Rich Daddy
Dicks - No Fuckin' War
Dicks - George Jackson



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