Monday, August 28, 2006

MP3: Manic Hispanic

They're brown, they're down and they're coming to your town. Manic Hispanic (former and current members of The Adolescents, Cadillac Tramps, The Grabbers, 22 Jacks, Final Conflict, and Agent Orange) has been one of my favorite bands since I first picked up The Reclince Of Mexican Civilization years ago.

Four full lengths (all of which have been re-released on BYO) and an out of print 7" later, they're still going strong and manage to put on some of the best shows in punk rock.

Here's a clip from YouTube of "I Want To Be A Cholo."

There's also a pretty good interview with the band here

These are 4 of my favorite Manic Hispanic songs that I hope you will enjoy:

Manic Hispanic - East Los Angeles
Manic Hispanic - Medley
Manic Hispanic - Mexican Society
Manic Hispanic - Tijuana Must Fall

Monday, August 21, 2006

MP3: Zafio Records, Pt. 5: Tantrums - Big Dress 7"

The Tantrums are a rockabilly band from Alameda who released this 7" on Zafio in 1996.

They're still around and kicking (releasing a 6 song 10" a few years ago).


Tantrums - Big Dress
Tantrums - Apron Strings
Tantrums - Atomic Fireball

Sunday, August 13, 2006

MP3: Zafio Records, Pt. 4: Sake - 10"

One of my favorite bands from the 90s Bay Area scene (along with Black Fork, Ojo Rojo and some others) was Sake who did a killer 10" (sometimes referred to as the "Pinata" 10") on Zafio (which you can still buy, and it comes with a giant vinyl sticker).

and a 7" on Hopscotch Records who are now defunct, but try Ebullition - they may still carry it.

I dont remember seeing any of the people in this band in any other bands, except for the bass player who played a few shows with another band called The Godz (who were very short lived, from what I remember). Doing an online search the name - The Hitch came up. Never heard them, unfortunately. Any help on whether any of them played in other bands would be greately appreciated.

Sake - Under My Skin
Sake - Bloat
Sake - The Death of Common Sense
Sake - Pinata
Sake - Not necessarily Euthanasia


Saturday, August 05, 2006

MP3: Zafio Records, Pt. 3: This Is Berkeley Not West Bay 7"

Thanks to AFI's rise to superstardom, this Zafio Records' release is the most thought after.

Black Fork's band history has been detailed in a previous post.

Dead And Gone had three LPs (on GSL, Prank and Alternative Tentacles), two 7"s (on Prank and GSL), one split 7" with Gaia (on Prank?). The band broke up and got back together twice, I think? They're currently broken up. Again.

Screw 32, from Concord, had two LPs (on Wingnut and FAT) and a split 7" with Fury 66. They broke up back in '98.

Black Fork - People's Parking Lot
Dead And Gone - Desperate
AFI - Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
Screw 32 - Bandwagon