Wednesday, May 31, 2006

MP3: Black Fork - Rock For Loot

One of my favorite bands when I was "growing up."

[10 points if you spot Nipple]

Black Fork released two 7"s (one or both on Zafio Records, if I remember correctly), one split 7" with Los Canadians (a copy of which I'm still looking for) an LP (on Lookout Records) and a couple of demo tapes.

Then they broke up.


These 4 songs are from their LP:

Black Fork - A Gain A Loss
Black Fork - Mosquito
Black Fork - Scambulance
Black Fork - Slander


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

[MP3] The allmighty Gauze

I'm feeling lazy today. So enjoy some of the best that Japan has to offer (has because Gauze is still playing shows). There's a webpage here but it's in Japanese.


Gauze - Distort Japan
Gauze - Fuckhead
Gauze - Pressing On
Gauze - Thrash Thrash Thrash

Monday, May 15, 2006

[MP3] Logical Nonsense - Soul Pollution

One of my favorite New Mexico imports (along with Word Salad and Grimple). Killer metallic crust in the vein of early Neurosis and Christ On Parade. Enjoy:

Logical Nonsense - Enemy Within
Logical Nonsense - Hatework
Logical Nonsense - Soul Pollution
Logical Nonsense - Spoil

I also did two reviews:

Misplaced - Destruction Upon Us
V/A - Too Much To Ask CD

Monday, May 08, 2006

[MP3] - Fuck Ups - FU82

Love em or hate em, Fuck Ups were an integral part of the Bay Area hardcore scene in the early 80s along with Sick Pleasure, Bad Posture, Lewd, Fang etc. etc. etc. The 7" has been bootlegged repeatedly on CD, but has never been repressed on vinyl, to my knowledge. Last I was told, Bob Noxious lives in Santa Cruz (or thereabouts) and has two kids.

Fuck Ups - Get Out
Fuck Ups - I Think You're Shit
Fuck Ups - Once I Had A Brother
Fuck Ups - White Boy

I also did a few more reviews:

Despite - The Destroyers Will Be Destroyed
Dragnet - We're All Cutthroats
El Dopa - 1332
External Menace - Process Of Elminiation
Failure Face - Complete Failure