Wednesday, January 10, 2007

MP3: Schlong!

So I went to Gilman's 20th anniversary a few weeks ago and had a blast. I put up some pictures here

Black Fork, Schlong, and El Dopa all reunited for this show. I already covered Black Fork and El Dopa here, so today you get Schlong.

[photo borrowed from Schlong's myspace site]

Formed in 1989 by Pat and Dave Mello and Gavin Mcarthur, and named after Gavin's cat, they've released a tonn of records, mostly on Very Small and Bun Length. There are two CDs you should get - the Essential Schlong and the Unessential Schlong. That's pretty much the entire discography (aside from West Side Story on Hopeless Records).

These are four of my favorite Schlong songs:

Rainy Days And Mondays
Shattered Life
Shit For Brains
Teddy Bears Picnic

Here's Schlong doing Shit For Brains at Gilman at the 20th Anniversary show (from youTube):

Pat is also in Uncus
Dave is also in Jewdriver and Boweltones
Gavin? I don't know.


Thursday, January 04, 2007


BOBfest is only 3 months away.

Everybody humppa!!!

The first person to correctly identify the 4 songs wins BOBstuff