Wednesday, December 27, 2006

MP3: Talk Is Poison

Remember Talk Is Poison? Prank released the CDEP and the split 7". It's sold out.

The reason I'm posting this is because I just read the following on the Prank website: TALK IS POISON re-issue is in the works with their complete recordings on one LP/CD.


Talk Is Poison - Declassified
Talk Is Poison - Forgotten
Talk Is Poison - Right To Die
Talk Is Poison - Talk Is Poison


Monday, December 18, 2006

MP3: The Fix CD!

Just picked up this Fix CD yesterday

This has the Vengeance 7", Jans Room 7" and outtakes, comp songs and live stuff.

Killer 80s hardcore. Buy it from Touch & Go.

Here's the Jan's Room 7"

Fix - Cos The Elite
Fix - Truth Right Now
Fix - Signal
Fix - Off To War

Monday, December 11, 2006

MP3: Christ On Parade

The only webpage I found is here.

[photo borrowed from]

I can't find the website for the label (FOAD Records) that did the legit discography. There's also a bootleg version that includes everything (the legit discography doesn't have their first 12"). So, go look on e-bay.

Christ On Parade - Joshua Brown
Christ On Parade - Kill Your Landlord
Christ On Parade - Pressure To Succeed
Christ On Parade - Teach Your Children Well

And, I guess, the reunion is no longer a secret.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

MP3: Descendents "FAT" EP

I'm feeling lazy today, so here's the entire Descendents FAT EP from 1981. Their first with Milo on vox. Their best. My favorite. etc. etc.

This was released and re-released by SST and you can buy it here.

1. My Dad Sucks
2. Mr. Bass
3. I Like Food
4. Hey Hey
5. Weinerschnitzel