Saturday, July 15, 2006

MP3: Zafio Records, Pt. 2: Multi Facet / Sheephead Split 7"

I dont know much about Zafio #8.

I remember seeing Multi Facet (one website is here, the other is here) at Gilman one time. Great live. No idea who was in the band except for Jenean who later sang with Ojo Rojo.

Multi Facet - Decline
Multi Facet - Slow Burn

There's a Sheephead page on Myspace that I found. I really dont remember the band.

Sheephead - Shooter
Sheephead - March Of The Flying Squirrel
Sheephead - Jalopy

Friday, July 07, 2006

MP3: Zafio Records, Pt. 1: The Gr'Ups

Zafio Records was a brainchild of Jesse Luscious (who has his own tribute page) and Kamala. I dont know the entire discography, in order, I just know that I own most of their releases, so when Jesse asked me to post MP3s of his releases, on my website, it made perfect sense.

The Gr'Ups were formed in 1990 or 1991 with former mebmers of Blatz, Operation Ivy and future members of Cypher In The Snow, Criminals, Rancid and Naked Aggression. The band toured in the US and Europe (with Citizen Fish). Sadly, the band lasted for a two or three years, releasing only two 7"s: Self Titled (click the link to buy it from Jesse) and Building Are The Purtiest Trees I've Seen.

Here are some pictures from a show at the Autonomes Zentrum in Heidelberg, Germany ("borrowed" from

Both 7"s are out of print, but Recess Records is in the process of reissuing those tracks with some bonuses on CD in the near future.

There's also rumors of reunion shows...

Here's a live performance of 'Lil Lost from from, I believe, the Oriental Transistor video comp:

The songs are my favorites from both records:

Gr'Ups - Oink
Gr'Ups - Rockabilly Song
Gr'Ups - RR Hood
Gr'Ups - Yer A Job