Saturday, February 18, 2006

MP3: BEERLORDS (friends from Sacramento)

So I just got a spare hard drive and am in the process of ripping all my CDs to it. Exciting. Anyway, these two bands are just starting out and are friends of mine. Enjoy.

Beerlords - That's Why
Beerlords - Skate Fucked
Beerlords - Dont' No
Beerlords - Cheap Beer

Beerlords are from Sacramento and LOVE 80s hardcore.

Friday, February 10, 2006

MP3: RIP Jason Sears and Tom Roberts

Jason Sears (RKL) passed away recently as did Tom "Pig Champion" Roberts (Poison Idea). Both bands were a huge influence (literally, in Poison Idea's case) on a tonn of kids. I only got to see Poison Idea once. Killer show. There was a second show they were supposed to play in SF, but they never showed up. I heard a lot of " the axels on their van must have given out" jokes that night. I've seen RKL lots of time, most recently on their tour with one of the incarnations of the English Dogs. Such a fun band.

RIP Jason and Tom

RKL: Why?
RKL: Think Positive
POISON IDEA: Learning To Scream
POISON IDEA: This Thing Called Progress

There's a great article on Pig Champion here

And my friend Jason put up an RKL show he taped in 1985 here

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

MP3: CODE OF HONOR - 1982 - 1984 CD

Subterranean Records put out a CODE OF HONOR discography. The CD has the band's 7" (+ one unreleased track from that recording session), their side of the split LP with SICK PLEASURE (both of which are excellent) and the BEWARE THE SAVAGE JAW LP (not so great). COH were from San Francisco. It's the same lineup as SICK PLEASURE with Jonithin Christ of SOCIETY DOG on vocals instead of NICKI SICKI (who left for Texas and started Verbal Abuse, at the time).

You can get the CD for $11 from Subterranean Records. I dont have a cover scan, unfortunately, because I'm lazy.

Here are some of my favorite tracks:

Attempted Control
Code Of Honor

[MP3s are gone. I dont have much storage space]